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Welcome to the Catalyst documents page.

This page contains the following sections (click the bold to jump to the section):

I) a narrative document about Conrad Erb Photography/Catalyst with documentation and screenshots (107 pages, 7 megabytes - download here)

II) a complete timeline of events (with a downloadable PDF)

III) roughly 12 recording excerpts taken from a series of key meetings at Catalyst’s office (January 2015 to March 2017, not downloadable)

IV) a simplified timeline that shows only the key Maria/Catalyst decisions and actions (download here).


Section I -

Conrad Erb Photography & Catalyst Aviation Narrative

The narrative document is available below.

Key areas of interest might be:

Page 14 - adverse facts/Catalyst’s claims

Page 25 - the mysterious NDA.

Please note that the full narrative is very detailed, and is just over 100 pages.

Download link is here or via the button below.

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Conrad Erb Photography/
Catalyst Aviation Narrative

Section II -
Complete timeline of events

Click on the timeline to expand.

You can also download the timeline below in a single PDF.

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Section III -
Recordings from meetings at Catalyst office in NJ

The following recordings are from critical meetings between Conrad and Catalyst.
All meetings happen at the Catalyst office in NJ.
Maria attends every meeting, and Gerard is only present at the last two meetings (December 2016 and March 2017).

The summary of each meeting is above each recording. The recording is below each summary.

The first two recordings below (<5 minutes in total) are perhaps the most important.

Date of meeting: January 9, 2015
Why this matters: it shows that Maria did make an exclusivity commitment to Conrad in March 2013, which is why Conrad put so much work into the STVE project.
What happens: Maria affirms the exclusivity commitment that she made back in the March 2013 at the Gold Standard cafe in Philadelphia.

Relevant part starts at 0:42.
At 0:53, Conrad:
I remember you saying ‘We will do all of this work through you.
At 1:32, Maria:
“That’s true. I remember all that. … and I did say, we will run all of this through you. I did say it. I totally said that. No question.”

The Jan 2015 meeting continues…

Why this matters: it shows that there was a leadership struggle at Catalyst, and Maria promised exclusivity in writing to Conrad, and that Maria would make statements to Conrad that Conrad could trust (and should) Maria.

What happens: Starting at 0:08, Maria explains what happened prior to the June 2014 meting where Gerard had announced “no exclusivity”. In this “pre-meeting meeting”, Gerard said Maria had made “serious mistakes” regarding her management. In the June 2014 meeting, Gerard was going to “fix” these mistakes.

Conrad explains that he felt that helping was making himself less valuable long term (by providing training materials), and Maria responds: “Not at all….that’s just not who I am”.
Maria later says: “we will make a contract…the work is yours” and says that the exclusivity commitment will be put in writing.

For reference only: a complete recording of first part of Jan 2015 meeting

Why this matters: this show Maria’s approach of bringing up topics that aren’t related to her business promises.

What happens: Around 12:00, Maria responds to Conrad’s concerns. Maria speaks for about 20 minutes and brings up topics that are not related to her exclusivity promises.

Maria discusses:

* Rob’s low pay

* Tom Verdecchio’s involvement

• Gerard’s investment

• her financial situation

* “Red t-shirts

* worrying about “bears

* A situation involving her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend

* Psychology

Maria also affirms her intent that the work belongs to Conrad, and she expresses surprise that Conrad fired Catalyst in summer 2014.

Date of meeting: September 9, 2015
Why this matters: it shows that Maria continued to make promise to Conrad as Conrad was helping Catalyst.
What happens: Starting around 5:00, and then around 8:10, Alonzo and Maria discuss how Conrad’s business will be compensated regarding the Omadatech offering.

Date of meeting: December 7, 2015

Why this excerpt matters: it shows that Maria felt that Conrad should trusted her, despite the fact that Maria kept announcing “no exclusivity”
What happens: Maria tells Conrad that his advisors are fucking retarded, that Conrad is “staring at the pole”.

The December 7, 2015 meeting continues…
Why this excerpt matters:
it shows Maria claiming that she didn’t know that Conrad’s concerns were so serious.

What happens: From 0 to 0:20, Maria promises exclusivity again. Around 1:55, Maria says she would have put something in writing long ago if she had known.

The December 7, 2015 meeting continues…

Why this excerpt matters: it shows that Maria didn’t seem to remember Conrad’s previous concerns, and she equity on the table, which is what Conrad claims Maria mentioned being a possibility back in March 2013

What happens: Around 0:49, Maria discusses the exit opportunity. Around 3:25, Maria mentions 10% as an equity amount for Catalyst to “absorb” Conrad’s business.

The December 7, 2015 meeting continues…

Why this matters: this shows that prior to Maria hired Jordan directly, Maria knew that Jordan had a noncompete, and she disregarded it.
What happens:
Around 0:29, Maria acknowledges that Jordan signed a noncompete and says she does not have a problem. She says Gerard is concerned about it.

The December 7, 2015 meeting continues…

Why this matters: it shows that Maria repeatedly asks Conrad to trust her as the owner, and she repeatedly dismisses Conrad’s concerns about Gerard
What happens:
Maria tells Conrad not to tell Gerard about the discussion. She says that she owns 99% of the company, and Gerard is not an owner.

Date of meeting: July 6, 2016

Why this matters: this shows that Conrad was consulting to Catalyst on changes to help their editors, and he optimized the capture process to save time.
What happens: Around 1:53, Maria says that seven seconds of time per tower (a small improvement) is worth thousands of dollars to Catalyst.

Date of meeting: December X, 2016

Why this matters: this shows that Gerard might not be dealing in good faith with Conrad. Gerard probably knows that Homeland Security is not interested.
What happens:
Gerard talks about Conrad violating the NDA (which Catalyst will not produce). Gerard threatens to call Homeland Security to have Conrad’s green card taken away.

Date of meeting: March 2017

Why this matters: this shows the pattern with Maria making promises, failing to put them on paper, and Gerard using that as a fact against Conrad

What happens: Maria says she thought Conrad’s equipment was covered by insurance. Gerard says that Conrad should have had Maria’s insurance promises in writing.

The March 2017 meeting continues…

Why this matters: Maria is starting to deny promises, even though she did discuss equity with Conrad in December 2015

What happens: Conrad tries to discuss Maria’s promises. Maria denies promises and says, “you were not! you were not!”.

The March 2017 meeting continues…

Why this matters: this shows Catalyst’s claims and Maria getting personal
What happens:
Maria and Gerard both claims she invented software. Maria thinks that Conrad is on drugs.

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Section IV
- Simplified timeline with key Maria/Catalyst decisions

Below is a simplified timeline showing major decisions made by Maria/Catalyst, and the pattern of making promises with no follow-through.

Click on the timeline to zoom to full size, or download the timeline here.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.24.20 AM.jpg

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Still pending: copies of certified mail letters (approx 12-15) with tracking numbers, long technical memo on Harris transformation in Matlab, and nuts-and-bolt complaint document.

Version history: 
August 28, added long section of January 9, 2015 meeting where Maria talked for 20 minutes.
August 27 with narrative and timeline showing only Maria/Catalyst decisions.
Saturday August 3. Added recordings links + comments.
Monday July 29, 2019. Added timeline PDF + timeline images.