For clients with image capture and data management challenges, I offer project-based training and consulting, such as:

  • field-based data and image capture and integration methods across multiple devices and involving multiple users

  • post-capture workflow and analysis, including solutions with MATLAB, NumPy and Scikit

  • prototyping and fabricating custom devices

  • rapid prototyping of data management solutions

  • photogrammetry, site modeling and analysis

Recent solutions include:

  • developing workflows for multi-camera, multi-user capture missions that enable off the shelf DSLR cameras to be used to log complex mission data and boundaries of image classes on a stand-alone basis (without a separate log device)

  • using Hough transformations to analyze very large sets of similar but non-identical images and define image classes

  • rapid database prototyping for Fortune 500 customer application

  • developing a capture method for field mission data using standard off-the-shelf barcode devices

  • proof of concept for motion- and tilt-resistant heading capture device with superior performance compared to consumer-grade tilt-compensated solutions, avoiding the cost of precision-grade targeting solutions

I offer photographer-specific technical and creative consulting through the Philadelphia Lens Library.

I would be happy to speak to you about what solutions may exist to your technical challenges. Please get in touch with me at or office: +1-215-821-7161.

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