Conrad exceeded our expectations.


Not only were the pictures phenomenal, but Conrad was such a joy to work with.

You’d be crazy not to hire him.

- Alyson & Chris

Conrad is an amazing photographer. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, our pictures capture the joy, fun, and humor of our wedding in a way that brings back each of those happy little moments in all the bustle of such a major event.

Conrad sharp eye is really just half the story of why we love to work with him. He put everyone at ease throughout the day, and our guests couldn’t stop raving about what a great photographer he is. His professionalism, calm, sense of fun, understated humor and energy made the entire process a breeze.

Hiring Conrad was definitely one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding. He’s a true gem.

Thank you so very much, Conrad.

- Christy & John

Working with Conrad has been a joy.


He takes great interest in his clients, and his warm personal style was exactly what we were looking for.

Conrad’s photos captured more than just the event – they brought to life emotions and spirit of our wedding day. To say that he works hard to capture every photo is an understatement - he had every angle covered and he didn’t miss a beat on the dance floor.

Conrad invests so much energy and passion to his work - and it shows.

-Danna & David

AWWW CONRAD! These photos are brilliant, exquisite and just downright fantabulous. You took such a beautiful, beautiful photos.

What a world of difference from all the literally hundreds of photos we received from the gas. Nothing came anywhere close to the smiles and emotions you brought out in yours. Thank you for all you do. You connect so quickly and so well with everything and that’s a pretty rare gift thank you. 

-Dorothy (of Dorothy & Aaron)

Conrad, you were fantastico - we had a brilliant time and so many people told me how great, funny, and at the same time professional you were… you were just up our alley and we honestly could not have asked for anything better. 

-Aaron (of Dorothy & Aaron)

Conrad brings an eye and artistry to the table that was leagues above anyone else in this field. He manages to repeatedly capture meaningful glances and expressions before the subject even realizes there was ever a camera on them. The result is above and beyond any expectations you could have of a photographer.

-Gosia (of Gosia & John)

Conrad is a photo ninja. He is swift and deadly.

-John (of Gosia & John)



We love your photos, Jacey still looks at them twice a day. We love how you captured both important stuff in the subtle moments of the day. If you want professional and not stuffy, Conrad is your guy. He puts the Erb in SUPERB!!

Thanks sooooo much! 

-Ted & Jacey

Our wedding pictures are beautiful!

Conrad captured our wedding at its finest moments. Best of all, he was a perfect wedding guest - our guests were so impressed with his energy and professional demeanor.

We are so excited to recommend Conrad to our friends.

-Kavitha & Richard

Hiring Conrad to photograph our wedding was an excellent decision. We are most impressed with his professionalism, energy and hard work on the day of, and we are absolutely thrilled with our wedding photos.

Many of our friends and family have said that ours are the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen. We wholeheartedly recommend Conrad.

-Jessica & Samir

One of the best decisions I made in planning my wedding was choosing Conrad as our photographer.


I cannot say enough about the quality of his work, the unique style of his pictures, the way he interacts with the guests, his ability to get right into the action…the list goes on. I am thrilled with the results.

Our guests loved Conrad, too. He called people by name, he was visible enough that people noticed him taking great shots, but he was not the sort of “in-your-face” guy that blinded people everywhere they were. I can’t imagine working with a better photographer for such a special day.

We highly recommend Conrad.

-Nancy and Chris


When we started wedding planning, we knew the photography would be important, but Conrad’s services were beyond our budget. We looked around at other options, but in the end, only Conrad’s photos made me tear up.

We decided to spend a bit more on photography than we initially planned, and we couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Conrad did such a wonderful job of capturing the subtle and meaningful moments of our wedding. The quality of his work is impeccable, and he made our friends and family feel both comfortable and important.

Hiring Conrad to shoot our wedding was easily the best wedding decision we made - and the best wedding investment. It’s nearly criminal the amount of value you get from his work.

Thank you, Conrad!

-Sara & Wade

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