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Congratulations on your engagement! Here’s some information about my work, in Q/A style.

We just got engaged, and I don’t know where to start. Help!

Congratulations. I made a short video above that you might want to see. In short, look at a lot of portfolios. Pay attention to whose work you really like. Talk with a bunch of photographers, and see how the vibe is. Trust your gut.

It sounds like you don’t have a high pressure approach.

Nope, I try to keep things pretty low key. I hope my portfolio speaks for itself, and I’ll let you decide if you think I’m a good match.

How is your work or approach different from other photographers?

I think I tend to be very guest oriented. I know other photographers who will relax during a cocktail hour, but that’s a window for my work. If you have 150 guests at your wedding, part of my job is to get nearly all of them on the record.

What else?

I make an effort to use names with the immediate family and the wedding party. It’s much nicer to ask the mother of the bride, “Dave and Doreen, could you kindly join us for this photo?” instead of announcing, “Could we have the parent of the bride over here, please?”. Dave and Doreen deserve a personal touch.

Cool. What else?

I have covered close to 200 weddings, and I’m one of the few pro photographers my age who started shooting professionally on film, so I bring a ton of experience to my work. In any given situation, I have a good sense of what is going to work in terms of people, lighting and flow. For instance, it might be blue hour, and we have sparklers, and we can push the creative envelope.

On the other hand, if the wedding officiant was late by an hour, and everyone is looking to you to speed things just a touch, and it’s good to have a lot of experience under your belt.

Wait. You were at a wedding where the wedding officiant didn’t arrive until an hour after the ceremony was supposed to start?

Yes, it happened. It was a very close family friend, and they were dealing with a cancelled early morning flight.. The good news: everything turned out to be fine for the rest of the day.

How far ahead of time do clients book? Are you available on _____ date?

Contact me, and I’m happy to talk more. Lead times can be all over the map, but anywhere from six to 16 months is pretty normal.

Do you have price information?

Yup. Wedding coverage starts at $1,950, and I’m happy to share my Client Guide here.

If we are interested in your services, what’s next?

Great. Let’s get in touch, and we can find a time to talk more.

We are a bit anxious. Crazy Uncle ______ will be at our wedding, and he don’t get along with Crazy Aunt _______. Can we talk about this?

Sure. This isn’t unheard of, and while I don’t need to know every family secret, but part of my job is to make sure everyone has an enjoyable day.


Just curious, do you have other photographers shoot “in your place”?

Never. I personally shoot everything.

I have lots of creative juices, and love to scrapbook, and I don’t want a traditional wedding album. Will you give us the high resolution photos after the wedding?

Yes. I’m happy to provide albums and framed enlargements, but there’s no obligation.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yup. Most of my work is in the mid-Atlantic region of the States, but I have traveled from Anguilla to India, and Seattle to Texas for work.

How long does it take to get the wedding photos back from you?

Turnaround time can be anywhere from 3-8 weeks, depending my post-processing schedule. I handle all of the editing and color-correction work for my weddings.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever seen at a wedding?

Honestly, I don’t have the crazy stories people expect. It’s crazy enough to see people in love, and their community gathering to support them in really touching and profound ways.

C’mon. I was hoping for something really “crazy go nuts”.

Nope, unless that was a Homestar Runner reference, in which case, maybe I can think of something.

Did you just sprinkle an internet cartoon reference into an FAQ? Seems rather spunky.

Correct. That just happened.

Here’s a question: what do you enjoy about your work? How is it more than just showing up and pressing a button?

I tell people that I enjoy my work 92% of the time. For just one day, I am invited to document someone’s journey with their family and their close friends. It can be pretty intense and amazing.

Plus, it’s my job to party with people, in a sense. I’m a people person, and I respond well in high pressure situations, so it’s a good match for my personality. I try to bring my best creative energy to the day.

That being said, work can be nerve-wracking. It helps to have a lot of experience, and be able to walk into a room, and think about ISO and f-stop combinations.

What’s an f-stop?

A f-stops tell you how much light is passing through a lens. Because of the relationship to the properties of the area of a circle, f-stops start at 1 and go up by a factor of the square root of two.

<eyes hazing over> I’m sorry, I’m already bored to tears and want my ten seconds back…what do we do now?

Well, if you like my work and like what my clients say, I would be happy to talk more. Thanks again for your interest!

Conrad Erb Photography

Wait. Stop. Is that someone’s grandparents Skype-ing into a wedding?

Correct. It was awesome.

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