Conrad captures incredible photos in challenging circumstances where other photographers fail. He makes the most of poor lighting conditions, tight angles, and unpredictable crowds. Just as important, he helps subjects feel comfortable and natural on camera – no awkward faces here.
— Monica Fonorow, Associate Director, Science History Institute
Conrad is not only a technically skilled photographer, but he can work the room in an amazing way. We love working with him because has an incredible way with people; putting everyone at ease and allowing for great photos to happen.
— Resa Thomason, Society of Chemical Industry
Science communication relies on visually engaging images. Conrad’s work has transformed our ability to present our research to colleagues and the public.
— Dr. Sarah Kurnick and Dr. David Rogoff, Directors, Punta Laguna Archeology Project
Conrad’s photographs capture the energy and excitement of our educational and concert programming. We greatly value the way his stunning images increase the overall professionalism of our communications.
— Melinda Steffy, Director, LiveConnections

Conrad’s work has been associated with:

Conrad is worth his weight in gold. We wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are today without him.
— Director of operations on technical project serving Fortune 500 customer